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Searching for Stock Photos

Quick Search
To find images quickly, you may enter one or more keywords in the search box at the top of the page. You may also find an image by entering and searching by image numbers. You may select to search within results if you wish, or by default it will create a new search. You may also specify how many thumbnails are to be displayed per page, by default is 60 thumbnails per page. Click the search button to display your results.

Advanced Search
Type in the words that best describe the image you are seeking. They may be subjects, geographic locations or concepts. The Search Engine allows you to either type a sentence or individual words. Either way, the search will be made on the "key" words. To narrow your search, use AND, OR and NOT in your sentence.
  • "Woman and Child": Both will appear in a single image
  • "Whale or Dolphin": Each will appear in separate images
  • "Hawaii but not Maui": All Hawaii images will appear except for images of Maui.
  • Options:
    • Match All Words - Images are required to have all the words listed in the search box to be displayed in the results.
    • Match Any Words - Images are required to have at least one of the words listed in the search box to be displayed in the results
    • New Search - Starts a new search for images and discards old search results.
    • Search within Results - Narrows the search to within the existing search results already on display.
    • Orientation - Narrows the search to the specified orientation: all, horizontal, vertical, square or panoramic.
Search By Image ID
If you already completed a search on our website and know the Image ID Number(s), you may search for multiple ID numbers at once by typing in the ID numbers exactly as they appear (e.g. 12345-12345-12). You may search for up to 5 image ID numbers on the Advanced Search page and
up to 7 image ID numbers on the Search by Image ID page.

Search by Keyword Index
Enter the first 2-3 letters of a keyword to search the Keyword Index. Click search and all Keywords beginning with these letters will be listed. Click on any Keyword and all images containing the selected Keyword(s) will appear in the results.

Search By Category
If you prefer to view an entire group of images organized by subject or location, you may use the Category Search feature available on our Home page. Mouse over a Category listed on left, and a list of sub-categories will drop down to the right. Click on the sub-category of your choice. All images within the selected category will appear on a search results page.

Search by Catalog Number:
If you have selected images from any of our print catalogs or CD, you may type those numbers in any of the 7 boxes on the Search by Catalog Number page

  • For Volume 1:
    Type "A", which denotes Volume 1. Then type the Page Number including "0" if it is a single digit page number, followed by the letter under the Catalog Image.

    Example of Photo Number:           A04C

    The Catalog Photo Numbers will also appear in the Keywords listed in the Alphabetical Index of Keywords and under the Preview Image.

  • For Volumes 2, 3 and 4:
    Type in the number exactly as it appears under the image in the catalog and click "SEARCH" for the image to appear.
  • For CD-1: Enter the Photo ID Numbers into the Search Box as they appear under the image.
    By Photographer
    If you are interested in searching for images by a single photographer only, you may do so in Advanced Search or Search by Photographer. Use the search filter drop box to select a photographer's name and click search. The images displayed will only be those by the selected photographer.
Finding the Right Image
This website features just a small number of our collection, which contains over 150,000 images representing the Asia & Pacific Region. If you do not find the specific image you desire, e-mail us at or call us at 800-321-3239 or 808-394-5100 and one of our Photo Researchers will find the right image for you.

Previewing Stock Photos

You must be registered to preview images.   Click here to Register
To preview an image, click on the thumbnail image (130 pixels) or the icon below and a larger Preview Image (400 pixels) will appear.  You will find information about the image including the image ID number, the photographer (a link to more images by the same photographer), the caption and a list of all linked Keywords pertaining to this image next to each Preview Image. 


What is a Lightbox?
A Lightbox is a way for users to organize and save image selections for potential use in personal projects. Lightboxes can be viewed during subsequent visits to the site. Lightbox selections may be e-mailed to associates or printed, copied, rearranged or annotated.

How to use Lightboxes
Users who have signed in may add images to a Lightbox by clicking on the “add to Lightbox” icon beneath the thumbnails. To delete images from a Lightbox, select the “delete from Lightbox” icon beneath the thumbnail in the Lightbox. Contents of Lightboxes may be viewed either at the bottom of a Search Results page or by clicking the Lightbox tab in the main navigation bar at the top of any page. Images may only be added to or removed from the currently active Lightbox. The active Lightbox is displayed in the drop down selection box located in the upper left of a Lightbox page.

Lightbox options:
  • View - allows the user to view the currently selected Lightbox
  • Email - allows the user to e-mail the currently active Lightbox.
  • Rename - allows the user to rename the currently active Lightbox.
  • Print - allows the user to view the currently active Lightbox in a printer friendly format
  • Copy - allows the user to create a duplicate Lightbox of the currently active Lightbox
  • Delete - allows the user to delete the currently active Lightbox.
Additional Lightbox features for the advanced user may be found under Advanced Lightbox Manager.

Advanced Lightbox Manager

This Advanced Lightbox Manager allows you to create and delete lightboxes, to move and copy images from one lightbox to another (with or without their notes), and to rearrange the images in a lightbox. Navigate to the page by clicking the "move/rearrange" button on any other Advance Lightbox page.
Lightbox Icons
An image that has notes will have this icon underneath it. Hovering the mouse over the icon will display the notes. If you click on the notes icon, then a pop-up window will appear allowing you to change the notes for the image. (see Adding Notes below)
An image that doesn't have notes will have this icon underneath it. If you click on the notes icon, then a pop-up window will appear allowing you to change the notes for the image. (see Adding Notes below)
If you click on the preview icon, then a pop-up window will appear allowing you to preview the lighbox image with it's image id, caption and notes.
Advanced Lightbox Manager features:
  • Save - allows the user to save changes made to the currently active Lightbox.
  • Delete - allows the user to delete the currently active Lightbox.
  • Rename - allows the user to rename the currently active Lightbox.
  • View - allows the user to view the currently selected Lightbox.
    You can view up to two lightboxes at a time.
    Select the lightboxes from the "Lightbox One:" and "Lightbox Two:" select boxes, and the lightbox images will appear below.
  • Notes - allows the user to add notes to the Lightbox and specific images.
    Adding Notes
    You may add comments either to a Lightbox or to individual images within a Lightbox.
    · Lightbox notes - notes may be added to an active Lightbox by clicking link entitled Lightbox notes at the top left of a Lightbox page.
    · Image notes - notes may be added to individual images in an active Lightbox by clicking Notes below each image.
    • Print - allows the user to view the currently active Lightbox in a printer friendly format.

    Printing a Lightbox
    To print a Lightbox, access the drop down menu identified as "Images" at the top right of a Lightbox page and select "Printer" from the bottom of the listed options. A new window will appear with the Lightbox images arranged in a printer friendly format and a "print" button in the upper right corner. Click the "Print" button to print the Lightbox images then close the window to proceed.

    • Copy - allows the user to copy all or selected images from one Lightbox to a new or existing Lightbox.

      Copying images from one lightbox to another
      Select a lightbox on the left and another one on the right. Check the images on the left you want to copy to the right, and click "copy -->". You can do it from right to left by checking the images on the right and clicking "<-- copy". If "include notes" is checked, then the notes will be copied. Otherwise, the copied images will not have notes. If you copy an image to a lightbox that already has the image, then the notes field will be overwritten.

      Copying comments from one lightbox to another
      The comments for the lightboxs are shown below the images. Click "<-- comments" to copy the comments from right to left, or click "comments -->" to copy them from left to right. You can also update the comments by clicking the "save" button.

    • Email - allows the user to e-mail the currently active Lightbox.

      Sharing a Lightbox
      For those wishing to allow other users to work cooperatively on a Lightbox selection, you may do so by e-mailing a Lightbox and checking the option identified as "Allow recipient to make a Lightbox copy". This function allows recipients registered to use the website to create an exact copy of your Lightbox which may then be modified, annotated or rearranged. Many find this to be a very useful tool.

    • Move - allows the user to move all or selected images from one Lightbox to a second Lightbox, or within a lightbox.

      Moving images from one lightbox to another -
      This is the same as copying images, except that the images will be moved from one lightbox to another instead of being copied (deleted from the original lightbox).

    • Rearrange - allows users using Internet Explorer users (Netscape does not support this feature) to rearrange the order of display of images in a Lightbox by means of a simple drag and drop technique.

      Rearrange within the lightbox -
      To move an image, select it by clicking it once with the mouse. Then without holding the mouse button down, drag the image to it's new location. Then click the mouse again to place the image. The image will always be placed to the right of the image you move it to, unless you move it to the first image. You may use the scroll bar while moving an image (drag the image to the scroll bar, click and move the scroll, and the image will reappear). However, you cannot drag an image from one lightbox to another lightbox. To save the rearranged lightbox, click "save". If you select another screen resolution without saving the lightbox, you will not lose your changes. If you select another lightbox without saving the first, then the changes will be lost.

    • Remove - allows the user to remove checked images from the currently active Lightbox.

      Removing images from a lightbox
      Select a lightbox from one of the select boxes, check the images you want to remove, and click "remove selected".

Free Comps

Registered users may copy low resolution Preview Images for Comp usage only at NO CHARGE. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these images for any other purpose including use on other websites, or for reference for another photograph or illustration. Before copying images, please review the PACIFIC STOCK Terms of Use.

1. Click once on the Thumbnail Image to view the larger Preview Image.
2. To Copy the image to your desktop

  • MAC: Click and drag the Preview image to your desktop. Once the file is transferred, the file will appear on your desktop. You may also hold down the mouse button for several seconds and choose "save this image as" or "download image to disk" from the menu. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to specify where you want to save the image and what you want to name the image.
  • PC: Click the right mouse button over the Preview image to see a menu. Select "Save Picture As" and save it in a directory on your computer or floppy disk.

Request Price Quote

Not all usage fees can be determined using our Pricing Calculator.  If your project is beyond the scope of our Pricing Calculator, please complete the Request Price Quote Form or call us at 800-321-3239 or 808-394-5100 so that we can provide you with appropriate licensing fees.  For details about how image licensing fees are established, go to the About Stock Photography section under About Us.

If you are on a tight deadline and need a price right away, please call us at 800-321-3239 or 808-394-5100 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday Hawaii Standard Time for immediate service.

Requesting Photo Research

Let us help you find the right shot.  We can save you time and effort and find the perfect image for your project.  Just fill out the Image Request Form and we’ll search our files and submit the images electronically to you.  And, if you’re in a real hurry, call us between 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday – Friday, Hawaii Time and we’ll put a “rush” on the search to meet your deadline. A research fee will be charged for all rush orders.

Pricing Calculator

Fill out all required fields in the Pricing Calculator that are described in detail below:

Usage Category: First, select the general usage for the image, i.e. advertising, brochure & marketing, corporate, displays, electronic, products & packaging or publishing.

Specific Use: Then, select the media in which the image will be used, such as poster, brochure, press kit, billboard, etc.

Distribution Area: Select whether the image will be used locally, regionally or nationally. You must also provide the name of the location where it will be used.

Size: The image size is related to the size of the final page size, i.e. if the image covers ¼ of the page, the image size is ¼ page no matter the size of the ad in which it appears

Placement: Select the placement of the image on the final product or packaging.

Total Circulation: Insertions x Print Run

  • If you're producing a printed piece, this should be the total number of copies that will be printed.
  • If the image will appear in a newspaper or magazine, this should be the circulation of one edition of the periodical.
  • If the image will appear in multiple publications and/or with multiple insertions, determine the total circulation by adding the circulations (print runs) of each publication the image will appear in, then multiply the number of times (insertions) the image will appear in each publication. See examples.

Duration of Image Use: This is the amount of time that the product featuring the licensed image will be in circulation. For example, and ad may appear just one day while a brochure may be distributed over a period of one year.

Start Date: Select the date when the product featuring the licensed image will begin appearing in public.

Industry: Select the industry in which the photograph will appear.

End User Client: Please type the name of the client (your client) for which this photo is being used. If you are the end client, please enter your company name here.

Project Description: Please provide the specifics of the usage so that we can confirm the final usage, i.e. name of newspaper or magazine where ad will appear, name of textbook, a website URL etc.

Price is based on one-time non exclusive use only. This means should you or your client prefer exclusive use by region or industry (or both) please contact us, instead of using this pricing calculator. Exclusive use of an image substantially increases the licensing fee and one of our Account Supervisors will be in touch to discuss final pricing with you.

You may recalculate and update the price as many times as you like.

Purchasing Online

Add the image to your order by clicking the shopping cart icon under the image you wish to purchase or the "add to cart" icon under the thumbnail on the preview page.

After all the images you wish to purchase are in your cart check to be sure the rights you wish to purchase are correct.   If it is not correct, click "Re-compute pricing".

Once you have checked your order for accuracy be sure to read our License Agreement . After reading and agreeing to our agreement, check the box next to: "I agree to the License Agreement" then click the "proceed to checkout" button. All your billing information is filled out for you. Please confirm all the information is correct. Then place your billing information in the "payment by credit card" option or the "Open Account" option. The Open account option will only show if you have previously submitted that information to us and we have approved your account by giving you an account number. Our checkout screen is secure as we use the latest encryption technology to help ensure that your information is kept safe while in transit.

The image site will then ask you where you want to download your images. Specify the drive and folder you wish the image(s) to be saved to. Choose download now and the images will be sent to the folder you specified.

Technical Support

For further assistance call us at 800-321-3239 or 808-394-5100 or e-mail us at

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