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Why Contribute to Pacific Stock and

Approximately 80 photographers and fine artists have been chosen to supply our continually expanding libraries for and We are interested in representing a limited number of professional photographers and artists who either live within or often travel to Hawaii, the Pacific and Asia regions, and can provide a continuing supply of Rights Managed material from these locations.

Pacific Stock is always in search of talented new photographers and artists to contribute to our growing Rights Managed, Royalty-Free and Fine Art collections. We provide our contributors with a range of topics that we are confident will sell to our clients. We are also open to the creative ideas of our contributors.

Our base of clients includes advertising agencies, graphic designers, magazine and book publishers who use our images for projects like advertisements, brochures, magazines, books, websites, store displays and more (click here for samples). Images are also sold as fine art giclee prints from to art collectors and interior designers. Sales of images submitted to Pacific Stock are not limited to Hawai'i and the United States either; our unique image collection is also represented by International Affiliates located in over 50 countries worldwide.

Royalty Payments to Contributors

Pacific Stock

When an image is licensed for use on, the usage fee is divided 60 percent to Pacific Stock, 40 percent to the photographer. If an image is licensed through one of our International Affiliates, you will receive 40 percent of the net amount collected by Pacific Stock, after the International Affiliate Agency retains its portion of the royalty. Typically, the photographer will receive 20 – 24 percent of the International Affiliate Agent's gross sale price. There may also be applicable withholding taxes, currency conversion costs, etc. deducted from royalties. Should we provide a Photo Assignment for you, Pacific Stock will retain 25 percent of the Commercial Creative Fee. Generally speaking, photographers who join an agency can expect to see sales within 1 to 2 years after signing with the agency. The amount of sales you make correlates directly to the number of images submitted and accepted into the files. Stock photography is an investment which will pay off in the years to come.

When an image is sold on, the fee paid to the contributor is 15 percent of the "Net License Fees", which is defined as the gross license fees after deduction of quantity and/or promotional discounts; reasonable currency conversion costs; sales, use or any other taxes or duties; bank transfer fees and payments to sub-licensees where applicable; shipping and handling costs; consulting fees and any material costs beyond the cost of the print.

Minimum Digital Image Requirements

Accepted Cameras:

Pro DSLR, minimum 12MP. Please contact us about current suggested camera equipment.

Accepted Scanners:

Nikon Super Coolscan 5000, 9000 or better. Imacon Flextight, Drum Scanner

Required Software:
Photoshop CS2 or above
In-Camera Format:
RAW Only
Computer Format:
TIFF files saved using PC format.
File Size:
Monitor Calibration:
Pacific Stock recommends that you use a color management system such as a Pantone Spyder to calibrate your monitor. If you are not using a calibration device, these are the settings you need to emulate our color space: white point set to 6500K and gamma set to between 2.0 and 2.2.
File Info/ITPC:
10 or less basic descriptive keywords; specify words that keyworders would not know by viewing your image.
Model Release:
Image containing recognizable people MUST be model released.
Color Space:
Adobe RGB 1998
Bit Depth :

8 bits per channel

Image Quality:
All images must be and color corrected and retouched to be free of excess grain, banding, pixelation, or unnatural color separation. Do not submit highly cropped images.

Becoming a Contributor: The First Step

Once you're sure you can meet the digital image requirements listed above, Pacific Stock invites you to share samples of your photography and more about yourself by beginning the technical review process. Please submit a Prospective Photographer Questionnaire, along with 10 High Resolution images in TIFF format (Minimum 50mb) on DVD for an initial quality check. Please send your DVD, along with the questionnaire, to:

James Crawford
1325 Wilder Avenue
#17 MKI
Honolulu, HI 96822

Note: If you are an artist and would like to submit artwork such as paintings, please click here.

Preview Submission for Selection

If your submission passes the initial quality check, we will contact you for a preview submission of 300 to 500 images. At this stage of submission, our image production specialists will review image content. Images that are not marketable or otherwise contain poor content will not be selected for submission. It is recommended that photographers also take the time to submit color corrected and retouched images for review; clean images will generally result in a larger number of images selected for stock.

We expect a preview submission that enables us to accept an initial 300 images into our files. Thereafter, we will expect to receive monthly submissions.

File Format:

JPEG (.jpg) files accepted

Image Size:

100 dpi, 8” x 12”

Submission Media:
CD, DVD or hard drives accepted.
Do not separate subjects into folders.
File Info/IPTC:
Date and general location only. These images must be no more than 2 years old. See Captioning for more information.

Final Submission for Stock Use

After reviewing the Preview Submission, Pacific Stock will email a PDF contact sheet of the images chosen for stock use. At this time, the selected images must be optimized according to our digital image requirements and also must be returned to us as high resolution TIFFs within 30 days. Any images that do not meet our image quality standards in the final submission stage will not be accepted for stock use. Please read the Pacific Stock Image Optimization Tutorial for help editing and optimizing your images using Adobe Photoshop and Bridge software.

Please also view the image delivery guidelines before sending your final submission.

Signing a Pacific Stock Photographer Contract

As the last process in becoming a signed Pacific Stock contributor, a contract which sets forth our mutual agreement will be provided to you. Our Contract length is 4 years. Under the Terms of the Contract, Pacific Stock negotiates the license of reproduction rights to your photographs. Almost all rights granted on are for non-exclusive, one-time use only. All fine art archival giclee prints sold on are for the life of the print. We very rarely extend exclusive rights to an image, and will notify the contributor if exclusive rights are licensed.

Our Contracts are "image exclusive". All images featured on and will be exclusive to Pacific Stock and and may not be placed on other agency websites, catalogs, advertising, etc. All selected images will be featured on and edited/reviewed separately for possible inclusion as fine art on and its partner website on You are allowed to place your non-similar work with other agencies. Our International Affiliates will also be marketing your images. If you have already established representation internationally, this point should be discussed prior to joining us.
Welcome Aboard!

After signing both contributor contracts, we will expect regular image submissions from you to ensure the greatest chance of sales for you on, and its partner website on Congratulations and we look forward to an exciting partnership!

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